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Alyx Biondo

Student of Midwifery & Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Birth is such a unique and personal event. My personal birth experiences were each beautiful but challenging in their own ways, pushing me to grow through traumas, doubts, and fears and becoming the woman I am today. I am a momma to 3 children born out of hospital, 1 at a birth center the other 2 at home. I am an army vet, a wife, and a student of midwifery. I started my birth worker journey in the middle of the chaos of 2020 and after the birth of my second child in 2021 I was led to the studies of midwifery and am pursuing my CPM which should be completed at the end of 2024. My goal is to help others find empowerment, confidence, comfort, and strength through birth.

Other Certifications:

BEST Certified Doula

BEST Certified Placenta Encapsulation Specialist

Spinning Babies

Neonatal Resuscitation (NRP)

Basic Life Saving (BLS)

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