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BYOB: Build Your Own Birth
Doula Services

Bringing accessible, affordable, and customizable doula care to you.
Start with our base package and add as much or as little as you desire to create your unique birth experience. Add on placenta and breastmilk services as well.

Flexible payment plans and discounts to packages paid up front, and to military, law enforcement, and first responders available!


Birth Doula Base Package



*Initial Consult Visit

*Pink Book: Birth and Postpartum Guide/Planner

*24/7 On Cal Phone and Text Services 37-42 Weeks

*Continuous Labor and Birth Support

*Immediate Postpartum Support

*24 Hr. Response Time for Non-Emergency Call, Text, and Email Support

*Certified Backup Doula

*Postpartum Gift

Placenta Services Add On:

All Items Include Safe Transportation of Placenta To and From Process Site.


Base Placenta Package


*Encapsulation: 100-200 pills

*Cord Keepsake


$50 *Tincture

$30 *Salve

$10 *Print

Customizable Birth Doula Services

$100 *Prenatal Visit Before 36 Weeks

$100 *Prenatal Visit with Provider at 36 Week Appointment

$100 *Prenatal Visit After 36 Weeks

$100 *Postpartum Visit: (available up to 8 weeks after birth)

$10 *Meditations for Pregnancy and Birth

$45 *Online Infant Feeding Course taught by a certified IBCLC

$275 *Preparing for Birth Education Bundle: Online Childbirth Education Course &  Infant Feeding Class taught by a certified IBCLC

Breastmilk Add On:

All Items Include Safe Transportation of Breastmilk To and From Process Site.

$50 *Breastmilk Soap Unscented (9-10 bars)

$50 *Breastmilk Lotion Unscented

$50 *Breastmilk Lotion Bar Unscented


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